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Dear prospective graduate researchers,

If you are considering pursuing a PhD, you should know that it can be a challenging, yet exciting and rewarding experience. In our lab, we are passionate about promoting young researchers and helping them accomplish their goals.

To succeed in a PhD program, it is important to have a deep interest and curiosity in your research topic and to recognize its significance for both yourself and society. You will need to develop a long-term vision and be prepared to navigate multiple possible paths, some of which may be risky or difficult.

However, you will not be alone on this journey. Our lab is committed to supporting each individual researcher, helping to establish a clear research plan and providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. We believe that the PhD journey is a learning experience that should lead to personal emancipation and growth within the scientific community.

Along the way, you will have the chance to experience new things, such as collaborating with researchers from around the world or working in a foreign or non-academic environment. We will help you recognize the value of your efforts, celebrate your successes and learn from any failures.

We take pride in the success of our PhD researchers, who have all managed to achieve published results. We hope that our lab will continue to inspire and support young researchers in their pursuit of scientific excellence, driven by team spirit, tolerance for different ideas, and a sense of excitement and curiosity.

Past PhD researchers and dissertation dates in our group:

Dr. Ksenia Trofimov, 2022
Dr. Inga Mohr, 2021
Dr. Daniela Lichtblau, 2020
Dr. Anna Sergeeva, 2020
Dr. Karolin Montag, 2019
Dr. Birte Schwarz, 2019
Dr. Imran Khan, 2018
Dr. Haythem Ben Abdallah, 2018
Dr. Regina Gratz, 2018
Dr. Maria Augusta-Naranjo, 2017
Dr. Hans-Jörg Mai, 2013
Dr. Shivasenkar Lingam, 2013
Dr. Cham Le Thi Thuyet, 2012
Dr. Felix Maurer, 2012
Dr. Mara Schuler, 2011
Dr. Johannes Meiser, 2011
Dr. Julia Mohrbacher, 2010
Dr. Marco Klatte, 2008
Dr. Tzvetina Brumbarova, 2006
Dr. Hongyu Wang, 2005
Dr. Zsolt Bereczky, 2003