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Bachelor study course: Bio120

Bio 120 is a basic Botany study course with lecture and practical course.

The language is exclusively German.

Please consult the German pages for further information.

Bachelor study course: V-Module

The course V-493 takes place in the winter semester.

The course and examination are offered in English language upon request by students.

V-493 provides a detailed overview into recombinant DNA technology and its applications (e.g. gene cloning, recombinant plasmids in bacteria, protein expression). The topics of this course are relevant for most research projects with molecular-biological, biochemical and cell biological orientation irrespective of the model organism. Starting with the genome sequence data, available in a public database, you will conduct a cloning procedure and successful protein expression experiment.

For further information please visit the website of Biology.

Here you find elective modules for bachelor students, offered from the fifth semester onwards.

Our V-modules always comprise 1 SWS of lecture, 6 SWS of practicum and 1 SWS of seminar.

Currently one V-Module is being offered:

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