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Welcome to the Institute of Botany


INFORMATION for summer semester 2021


HHU is planning a "hybrid" semester comprised of in-person and online teaching. Due to the current framework conditions, online teaching will make up the largest part of the overall offer. Courses such as laboratory practicals which mandatorily require physical presence will be conducted in-person as far as possible and taking protection against infection into account.

Current information & tips as well as a leaflet about the experimental practical work during COVID-19 can be found on the website "HHU information on coronavirus".

An overview of the current planning status of the summer semester can be found in the course catalog LSF.

Please contact our if you have any further questions about individual events.

INFO Publication Dr. Anna Sergeeva


Dr. Anna Sergeeva, research associate at the Institute of Botany and CEPLAS Graduate School alumna, now published her work:

See also her first author profile on  Plantae.org


INFO Soapbox Science Rheinland on 21 August 2021 in Cologne

"Soapbox Science is a public platform where women present their research in an easy-to-understand way. Without technical equipment, at eye level with the audience, they convey the fascination of their work. In this way, they want to reach people who otherwise have little to do with science and who may have a false image of science." (Arne Claussen, HHU Wissenschaftskommunikation)

Due to corona, the Soapbox Event 2020 in Düsseldorf could only take place virtually. Prof. Dr. Bauer was one of the four HHU participants at this event last year. A video of the German session of the event can be found on YouTube.

A live event is now planned for this year.

Further information and the link to register can be found under HHU News - Wissenschaftskommunikation or also under Soapbox Science.

INFO  Examinations Bio120 WS 2020/21

The examinations of the module Bio120 will not take place in presence, but online in this year's winter semester. Further information on this can be found under ILIAS. An unassessed sample exam will also be available there.

If you have any further questions, please contact .

INFO Moving to building 26.14


Since November 2020 our institute is located in the new building ENB 26.14.01.

(Uni Ost / Botanischer Garten)


We are pleased to congratulate Dr. Daniela Lichtblau and Dr. Anna Sergeeva on passing their doctorate and wish them all the best for the future!

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